Contour Light

The Contour Light is a patented LED-based light therapy that utilized a reflective, mirror-like surface to target fat cells. Fat cells, when exposed to 635mm red light, release 99% of their contents, for quick removal. After each treatment, simply eat right, get some exercise, and drink plenty of water to see results. The treatment is pain-free and can result in a two-to-five-inch reduction. There’s no downtime and is used on the neck, back, arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks, & thighs.


The Formostar is an infrared technology that melts body fat by using targeted heat to penetrate deep into your fat cells, helping to release toxins and break up cellulite. In just one hour, you will burn up to 1,400 calories and continue to burn additional calories for another 36 hours. Formostar is the premier treatment for reducing fat weight and water weight, along with cellulite.


 ReDefine and ReShape Your Body 

SkinE Spa offers two different technologies, a low-level laser light therapy called the Contour Light and an infrared heat body wrap called the Formostar. Both systems require a series of treatments that are non-invasive, natural, relaxing, safe, effective and pain-free without any downtime, needles, chemicals or surgery. SkinE Spa caters to anyone looking to slim down and tone up. Results are achieved through complete and total relaxation, so you can literally take a nap and lose fat!