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4 Tips to Maximize Your Body Sculpting Results

Weight loss is a process that millions of people struggle with every day, and getting started can often feel like an insurmountable hurdle. But what if we told you that there’s a fast, effective, and non-surgical solution to achieving your ideal body? At SkinE Spa, we specialize in state-of-the-art body sculpting treatments in Scottsdale, AZ. We can help you crush your weight loss goals and attain the toned, slim, and sculpted body you’ve dreamed of. Here are four tips to maximize your results!


Stay Hydrated

At our body sculpting center in Scottsdale, we offer two revolutionary types of body sculpting treatments: LED-based Contour Light Therapy and Formostar Infrared Detox Wraps. While each provides unique, appearance-enhancing benefits, both work by breaking down the fat cells in your body. To make sure these toxins and fatty deposits are properly flushed from the body, hydration is key! We recommend dividing your body weight by two in order to calculate the number of ounces you should be drinking throughout the day.


Count Your Calories

Watching your calorie intake and balancing your diet is a great way to get the most out of your body sculpting treatment in Scottsdale. Our advanced body contouring procedures are potent when it comes to melting fat cells, and a healthy diet can prevent these fatty tissues from building back up!


Get Active

Exercise is good for you, and this is no less true when benefiting from SkinE Spa’s body sculpting services! The scenic streets of Old Town Scottsdale are a great place to get some cardio in and complement your body contouring treatment. Plus, our treatments are fast, with virtually zero downtime — so you can still fit in your gym routine!


Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine

As enjoyable as they are, alcohol and caffeine can hinder the positive results of our body sculpting services in Scottsdale. Alcohol turns into fat inside your body, while caffeine can dehydrate you and slow the detoxifying process. If you’re still craving something to drink, consider a healthy smoothie instead!

SkinE Spa is dedicated to helping you achieve a body you can be confident in. To experience our body sculpting services in Scottsdale, contact us today!