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CoolSculpting vs Contour Light: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 26

Below is a comparison of CoolSculpting and Contour Light. It's not hard to figure out that Contour Light is the safer, more effective and affordable of the two systems.

How It Works

COOLSCULPTING delivers controlled cooling to effectively target fat cells underneath the skin, which are crystalized (frozen), then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.

CONTOUR LIGHT uses 6 large red light therapy /infrared heat body pads and a facial mask placed directly on the fatty areas resistant to diet and exercise. The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing fat to exit the cell, where it will be processed and eliminated.


COOLSCULPTING takes approximately 3 months to see results as the dead cells take this long to be flushed from your system.

CONTOUR LIGHT gives immediate results after the first visit and guarantees you will lose at least one inch on your first visit or we will give your money back.

Side Effects

COOLSCULPTING damages tissue and typically causes bruising.

CONTOUR LIGHT has no known side effects.


COOLSCULPTING treatments can be painful and pain can last up to three months as fat cells die.

CONTOUR LIGHT treatments are painless and relaxing.


COOLSCULPTING kills off fat cells and removes them. As you consume fat in the future, the fat will search for other fat cells to load up.

CONTOUR LIGHT liquefies fat, shrinks fat cells, and speeds up metabolism. One 20-minute treatment equals seven 20-minute cardio workouts.


COOLSCULPTING ranges from $700-$3,000 per treatment with 2-3 treatments needed.

CONTOUR LIGHT ranges from $100-$150 per treatment with 6-20 treatments needed depending on specific goals.

Health Benefits

COOLSCULPTING no known cardiovascular or other health benefits.

CONTOUR LIGHT improves nitric oxide production, thyroid function, cardiovascular health, increases energy, improves mental clarity, improves acne, provides pain relief.

Additional Treatment Areas

COOLSCULPTING will treat a double chin but is not designed to treat face and neck.

CONTOUR LIGHT has a specifically designed facial mask to allow red lights to treat the double chin and targets the face and neck to assist in tightening collagen.

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