SkinE Spa offers a painless, non-invasive approach to body sculpting

Red light body sculpting offers non-invasive approach for losing weight

August 28, 2019

Scottsdale, AZ. — For many people, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can pose a struggle, and it’s not uncommon to consider methods such as surgery and weight loss pills to try to shave off the pounds. However, many of those approaches come with serious health risks and side effects. In recent years, red light therapy (RLT) has gained popularity as a safe alternative to more invasive methods involving scalpels, needles and pills.

Voni Savoy, owner and operator of SkinE Sp, a weight loss wellness spa in 85251,, became involved with red light therapy in 2014, and currently offers a type of red light body sculpting therapy called Contour Light at her body contouring spa.

Savoy says the treatment provides patients with a pain free method for losing weight that has visible results and can also relieve stress, repair skin and promote tissue healing.

“I love to see the reactions of potential clients when I tell them they can literally take a nap and lose fat at SkinE Spa because they have no idea what I’m talking about,” said Savoy. “No, it’s not magic, but the technology is pretty magical.”

During a session, clients relax on a massage table while LED light panels are placed on them. The lights are set to 635-680 nm (nanometers), which mimics many of the natural benefits of sunlight without damaging UVA/UVB rays. Savoy says clients typically lose 1-3 inches in their first session and after a series of treatments, can drop 1-2 dress sizes.

Red light therapy works by using specific wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin and stimulate cell activity. The biochemical effects include boosting collagen production, oxygen and nutrient delivery and altering fat cells.

“After 20 minutes, this light energy penetrates down into the fat cells and they become stimulated by the exposure, creating tiny transient pores in the cell membrane,” said Savoy. “These pores allow the contents of the cell, which are made up of water, glycerol and fatty acids, to escape and be released into the interstitial area of the body. This results in a shrinking of the fat cell, much like a grape shrinking to a raisin.”

Savoy says that for anyone who would like to try red light therapy, an important factor to consider is that certain red light machines work significantly better than others. The light therapy machines that tend to work best sit close to the skin, which is the optimal way to administer the therapy. Savoy’s own equipment utilizes flexible pads that fit around the body, as well as a face and neck mask.

“It produces up to 100 times more light energy than other systems at the same 635 nm wavelength. Essentially, the Contour Light is a whole body treatment where other systems only cover one area at a time.” said Savoy.

She says it’s also different than red light therapy beds, which look similar to tanning beds.

“Another type of red light therapy technology that consumers are becoming more familiar with are the red light therapy beds, like the ones you may find in a tanning salon,” said Savoy. “These beds use a red low-level wavelength of light to effectively treat skin, acne, wrinkles, hair loss and anti-aging to name a few, but they do not penetrate deep beneath the skin to break down subcutaneous fat like Contour Light and other body sculpting systems set to 635 nm.”

Savoy finds using multiple treatments together offer her clients the best results. In a typical session, Savoy combines her Contour Light service with another technology called FormoStar, which utilizes infrared heat to help target specific areas of the body for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

“The infrared body wrap stimulates weight loss and breaks down cellulite pockets, smoothing the dimpled ‘cottage cheese’ appearance,” said Savoy. “While the red light therapy opens the fat cells, allowing for fast, safe and easy fat emulsion.”

Savoy says one of the major advantages of light-based therapies like Contour Light and FormoStar is that they can provide all of these benefits safely, without pain, and in a relaxing environment that helps alleviate stress.

“The process is safe, effective, painless and more affordable than other body sculpting procedures. I’m proud to have helped so many men and women improve their overall health and appearance with red light body sculpting, and I look forward to helping many more clients with weight loss 85251,” said Savoy.

You can learn more about SkinE Spa, located in Old Town Scottsdale.